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Goodness, I haven't been here in a while.

Posted on 2010.12.29 at 18:18
Current Mood: determineddetermined
So I'll use this blog to post some New Years resolutions, something I don't ever hardly do, so this should have some weight to it. Anyway I want to have this in print, public, even. In order to not become destitute this year, I'm hiring myself to be self-employed, but as the boss I have to impose some ground rules. I start on Monday, and I work from 9-4, M-F, and have to be productive during that time, with an hour lunch, of course. This is productive in a very broad sense, it means almost anything that will improve my situation in any way, but it definitely does not mean watching tv, surfing the net, or whatever other entertainment pursuits. At 4pm I usually take a walk or other exercise anyway, and that counts for another hour or two. After that I got all evening to screw around. Sounds like a pretty fair deal, especially since I shore %100 of the company's earnings with me. This is effective in the new year and forward. I don't want to have to fire my ass and have to look for other work, so stick to it. The boss is watching.


I read books.

Posted on 2009.09.08 at 17:50
The Teachers The Teachers by Lou Bogart

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Terminator Salvation: I should know better

Posted on 2009.05.30 at 09:58
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Okay, I wrote an email to a friend who tried to talk me out of going to see Terminator Salvation, and I thought I'd reprint my review. I didn't think it was going to be good or anything, but I knew that if they are actually making a Terminator movie that takes place in the future, after the machines kill everyone, then I am going to see that movie, because they've owed us that movie for like 15 years. And if I'm going to see it, I might as well see it on the big screen, with big sound. I saw it at the Mann Chinese, or as I call it, the Mall Chinese, and yes, the sound is great and the screen is huge, but everything else about that place fucking sucks. It's the biggest mall theater in the country, and it's run exactly like a mall theater. Bleagh! I used to love that place!

I tried to put the rest of this behind a cut, and I followed the instructions exactly, and it's not making a cut, so sorry, I'm baffled. There are spoilers after this.

Crappy. A little boring yes, but mostly I was just frustrated by the terrible dialogue and nonsensical plot turns. You know, in between amazing action sequences and some really incredible effects, which are admittedly a lot of fun.

So, when you get all the way into the center of the beast, where they manufacture terminators, and when you decide you want to leave, you basically have to get through one Schwarzenegger terminator, and then you can leave. One terminator who has a big muddy brown splotch where his crotch should be. I thought it was hilarious that they can convincingly replace Arnold with a prosthetic dummy, no problem. Maybe we should try that in Sacramento.

And John Connor tells everyone over the radio to stand down by reciting some obscure poetry about the human condition and then saying, "this is John Connor," and they all stand down. Why not actually TELL PEOPLE why they should be standing down and not fighting? Now would be a good time, because I'm pretty sure I don't know. As far as I can tell, it's so that you can go save the guy who will be your father so that you exist. Not to save everyone, but to just save John Connor. Cause I think you haven't actually saved anyone else yet. So he's really risking the whole human race to save himself from suddenly not existing. And why does John Connor not trust the terminator guy who says he wants to help him? Why does he have such a problem with this, did Terminator 2 never happen? You know, where Arnold comes back and is a good guy this time and saves his life repeatedly and becomes almost like the father he never had. I guess he forgot about all that.

And any time you have your lead character yelling into a microphone, "Use evasive maneuvers, NOW!" and it doesn't relate to anything that's happening on screen, you should think about a second draft.

And jesus, what the hell was Common doing in this movie? Don't ask him, he clearly has no idea. And Opie Cunningham's daughter? I have to buy that she's John Connor's super-hot, pregnant nurse girlfriend who stands around a lot with no lines, and then is suddenly able to perform a heart transplant in the field? Okay, I will totally buy that. Sure, why the fuck not? Common is standing right there, and he totally can help her perform that heart transplant. In the field. Fuck it.

Oh yeah, and John Connor is really good at surviving helicopter crashes. Even when they are caused by a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION.

It was awesome, I totally recommend it.


The 2009 Grilled Cheese Invitational

Posted on 2009.04.21 at 10:15
Current Location: Cheesetown
Current Mood: hungryhungry

Los Angeles State Historic Park
1245 N. Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
12:00pm - 6:00pm
Competition starts at 1:00pm
Admission Fee: $5
Competition Fee: $10

You can find me there all day, just look for the Mayor.

If you want to judge sammies, and you do, I suggest showing up no later than noon. Seriously.

And take the gold line, one stop up from Union Station. It's ridiculously close to the event.

More info can be found here: http://grilledcheeseinvitational.com/


Yes We Can (now on YouTube)

Posted on 2008.10.27 at 15:13
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I made a YouTube video of my Yes We Can mashup. Please go view it and rate it highly!

I love you.


Yes We Can!

Posted on 2008.10.27 at 10:46
Current Mood: amusedfucking glib
Current Music: Lee Dorsey - Yes We Can
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Start your election night victory party off right with this track I put together. The original artist is Lee Dorsey, and I encourage you to go buy his music, it's wonderful stuff.

This is his track, Yes We Can, written by Alain Toussaint, with Barack Obama mixed in. I'm really happy with it, it gives me goosebumps.

Please spread this as far as you can, I want this to go everywhere!



p.s. pay no attention to the rest of the tanosokolow.com website. It is not under my control, and soon the guilty party will be soundly lashed.


Lions and Tigers and Bears!

Posted on 2008.09.10 at 12:28
Current Mood: bouncybuzzing
Holy crap, Holly and I got to go to the ranch where our friend Greg is an animal trainer for the movies, and it was amazing. I want to stress that these animals are very well cared for, and seemed happy and alert to me. Though they of course have to be kept in cages, they get to go out on walks (on leash) frequently, and because the very humane training they learn, they get a lot of mental stimulation, more than zoo animals, I imagine. And they are very close with their trainers. Also, they are rotated through the different cages, so their environment changes, and of course they sometimes get to go on set, which means more stimulation. The male lion, Felix, even got to go to Africa for a film shoot. So don't feel bad for these animals, it seemed to me they have a pretty good life.

We both got to pet the lion's paw, and to feed the big bear marshmallows. It was an amazing experience that we're both still buzzing about. Thanks, Greg!


The GCI makes the Today Show!

Posted on 2008.07.25 at 10:13
Current Mood: dorkybespectacled
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The Today Show finally aired their piece on the Grilled Cheese Invitational this morning! Naturally, for all my blatant media whoring at the event, I am nowhere to be found in this clip. But Holly's voice is in it, and her sandwich (the Black and Tan) is all over it. And a bunch of friends, of course. It's great news for the event, but sad for the Mayor.

Let's see if this embed thing works. If not, you can find the clip here: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/21134540/vp/25847021#25847021

kid tano drinking

Wedding in Portland + Visit with Big Sister = Lots of Drinking

Posted on 2008.07.18 at 08:50
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We went to Portland this last weekend, which started on Wednesday, so we had more time than usual to hang out with the big sister and hubby Dave. Relaxing weekend, except for marathon drinking and a DIY wedding that was a fair amount of work for everybody. But we pulled it off, and Mark and Amanda made a beautiful and gracious couple. Here they are:

There was drinking at the rehearsal dinner,

drinking and golfing (for me) with Molly and Dave, not pictured, and of course, during the wedding:

Holly and I are getting really good at the wedding photobooth thing. I'm really happy with these

If you'd like to see more, and also pictures of our trip to Austin, go to my picasa page:

Cheers, Molly and Dave! Cheers, Amanda and Mark!

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Frank Orrall, my hero

Posted on 2008.07.01 at 16:19
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic

This is me and Frank Orrall, lead singer of Poi Dog Pondering, touring percussionist for Thievery Corporation, and one of my musical heroes. Two weekends ago H and I wrestled with whether or not to go to Vegas, but the prospect of a free show with Thievery Corp. and Gnarls Barklay was too good to pass up, so we braved the ridiculous heat. Whenever Thievery comes to town we get backstage, thanks to Holly's friends from the most excellent Baltimore funk band, All Mighty Senators. They are horn players that got tapped to play with Thievery's touring ensemble, and they are righteous dudes.

On trumpet, Dave:

On sax, Frank:

So the show in Vegas was great, it was at the Mandalay Bay beach, where you could wade in knee-deep water and dance, while the band is playing right above you, and Thievery crushed it, especially when Seu George sat in. Gnarls Barklay was, of course, fantastic. And we hung out with the guys until very late. Getting back on Sunday was awful, as a big rig had tumbled off the road just across the border, and we were backed up in stop and go traffic in 112 degree heat. It took 2 hours to go 16 miles. then it was smooth sailing. But we were so wrecked when we got back, we just kept dragging our asses and didn't walk over to the Hollywood Bowl until Thievery's encore. We did hear the Seu George song we wanted to hear, the one Dave said they had arranged that day, and it went over great. Clearly we had missed an awesome show, and we were pretty bummed. But then we got to go to the after party at the Roosevelt Hotel, and that was kind of cool. At the vegas show I had noticed a new guy playing percussion who looked exactly like Frank Orrall of Poi Dog, who I had just seen a month ago at the Troubador. It just didn't make any sense that it would be him, so I put it out of my mind, until I saw him up close at the after party. Dave confirmed it was the same Frank Orrall, and he introduced us to him.

Now I've been going to Poi Dog shows since the early nineties, but that's not too many shows, since they almost exclusively play in Chicago. In fact for me, the chance to see Poi Dog was the tipping point for going to Lollapalooza in Chi-town in '06, or whenever that was. Their show here in L.A. a month ago was such a treat, even though I went alone, because they were playing all these old songs, and had a couple of members from the original line-up, from before they went techno. Frank Orral is one of my heroes because in his lyrics and in his stage-presence he exudes this unashamed positivity that is just completely absent from the music scene. To me it's very brave to be that authentically enthusiastic and just full of love. And I find the shows healing in a way. Also because the lyrics deal a lot with death and misery, but it ends up being in a positive way, a misery and fear that everyone can share and acknowledge. I didn't really get to say that stuff to Frank, but I did gush about shows that I'd seen, and he responded to many details. When I told him about trading a bottle of Makers Mark for a tour-shirt at Slim's in S.F., he knew the guy I'd bartered with, remembered his name, and said he'd most likely had a sip of the booze that night. When I told him how I'll never forget the look on his face when he took the stage at the Fillmore, so surprised how much love in the room there was for Poi Dog, having not played there in 8 years, he said he was so nervous that they'd booked the Fillmore, and he thought they could never fill the place. And of course, I found him to be gracious and kind and attentive to everyone around him. Such a sweet man. He offered to get H a drink, and came back with a tray of drinks for everyone. And he was very cool about my obvious fanboy-ness. So that was a great time, and I really thank Dave and Frank, the horn players, for hanging with us whenever they get to town.

And thanks, Holly, for being so awesome as to bring the polaroid camera!

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